How do I dress on a first date? Tips for guys

Even before I jump into the introduction I got to drop this: SHOES! Women like shoes, not only their SHOES but your SHOES as well. So, for your first date, do wear nice SHOES! Alright, now that we got that out of the way, let’s get back to the beginning, where we’ll discuss SHOES and a few other tips for male clothing for their first date.

The idea, as you would imagine is to make as good an impression as you can. This means a few things when it comes to clothing, appropriateness for the occasion, some style and something that looks and feels so good you want to touch it. You want your date to be drawn to your clothes magnetically, so fabric choices will be of utmost importance, as well as general cleanliness and a good fit.

1. Casual clothing.

Guys have it rather more easily when it comes to picking out a casual outfit, though be warned, there’s quite a difference between casual, late Friday beer binging and casual for a potential girl of your dreams date. Even though the fit and style can be classic casual, make sure that the fabrics spell class. That can be easily achieved by choosing a neutral color for your jacket or sweater, as long as the material has that textural richness going: quality denim can cut it, certain wool blends, dense chenille as well. So pick the casual jacket you’ve spent most on, even if it’s not necessarily for a high brow occasion. The casual clothes will also have to fit you right, so no overly large T shirts or a jacket with hanging flaps. Jeans or finely stripped pants, uni-colored, with a nice fit should again do it, and if they partially match your jacket’s color, they will do the job. If you’re sporting a printed T shirt, make sure the print is not vulgar or too attention seeking. Rather go for a uni-color one. Try to wear shoes fit for the color scheme. Classic semi-sport will go, but not suit shoes. Again, make sure they’re nice.

2. Suit and tie.

Don’t go in your business suit. How do you tell an occasion suit from a business one? It’s the fabric density. The lighter fabrics, the ones with a lower thickness are appropriate for occasional wear, while heavier makes will be more suitable for work. Your shirt will also dictate the occasion. Business shirts will generally be less colorful, with a predilection towards uni-colors in the colder spectrum, blue, whiles, etc. While you don’t want to look like a boss figure, with a thick gray suit, don’t go for the wild color spectrum.

Limit yourself to grays with really small vertical lines (imperceptible if you were to be photographed from afar), or choose blacks or browns. You might pull off a white/ light brown, but make sure it fits your complexion. You can be more creative with your tie, you can choose whatever pattern you want, as long as it complements the color of your shirt. There are some weird ties out there, with all sort of obscene depictions, the kind a friend would offer you as a birthday present if they ran out of ideas, but let that rest home. In terms of shoes, light suits should be complemented by the same color shoes, while dark blacks or browns should have appropriately toned pairs.

3. Sportswear and work clothes.

Living and breathing work can leave us out of clothing options, so, if your date is taking place during a lunch break you might have no choice but to present yourself in work clothes. Thus, try to either wear a well kempt suit or if your job doesn’t require formal attire, go for nice casual clothing, following ideas we pointed out in the first section. If you are planning a date which can accommodate light sports activities, try to dress in a nice sportswear set. Don’t go for a specific type discipline clothes, just regular, but high quality pants and jacket combination. A pair of trainers that reflect your age (no springboard running shoes or spiked shoes or, if you even own such thing, embedded LED shoes) will also be important, so don’t go for vividly colored shoes, unless they match some element of your pants or jacket. And make sure they’re clean, especially if you use them regularly for sports and physical training. Rather go for a new pair or a pair you’ve not worn out yet.

All in all, you have to strive to look fit, so no clothes that are too large or tight, and definitely no clothes that you’ve worn too much before. Try avoiding motorbike jackets as well, while leather jackets can be used as long as they’re made of lighter leather. If the weather is a concern wear an appropriate long coat to suit the style of the clothes underneath, but don’t wear too many layers of clothes underneath. And wear nice shoes!

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