How do I dress on my first date? Tips for Girls

You sure don’t want to look lazy, fashion wise, on your first date or send the wrong message with some clothes that are too revealing or too casually bland. You want to look good but going into that can lead to some small disasters, if you’re not paying attention to your clothes. Sure, maybe your date won’t even care that much for your clothes, and even more so, they won’t tell you about it. Maybe, if you click it off, you’ll have something to laugh at, remembering your first date’s disastrous outfit but at any rate, you want to avoid a total fashion disaster just because it’s worth it. And because a good, well chosen outfit will make you feel more comfortable and confident.

1. Casual outfits.

There’s nothing wrong with a fit of jeans and a t-shirt or blouse, but even within these, there are some pieces you want to avoid. Basically, the rule that the clothes should be clean goes without saying, I don’t even know why I’m mentioning it! However, just double check you’re not picking the sweater you’ve been sleeping in for the last 2 nights, that kind of accident. While the tapestries and depths of taste in fashion can be explored indefinitely, and while high brow designer would advise for or against deep cut blue jeans or “artistically torn” or aged pairs, try to pick the less flashy form your collection. If it’s casual, make it casual.

Rather, if you’d like a bit of color added, go for pairs with Swarovski Crystal embellished jeans, or the like. Also, on a casual outfit you can wear a bit of bling, but make it casual as well, a few plastic bracelets, or a necklace that’s not too expensive either. But don’t combine them, it’s either/or.

2. Dresses and gowns.

One thing to check with your date, even if it ruins the surprise, is where you’re planning to go, if you haven’t already. You being dressed all smart and lady like and your date being dressed in a T-shirt and sweat pants will make you feel a bit out of context and him/her a little embarrassed! But if you make a nice match you should be ok. Consider the regular precautions: are you dating late in the evening, is this rather a brunch or lunch date?

The later in the evening the date, the more appropriate a more sophisticated dress will be, otherwise, you want to look for a more casual/work type dress. If you’re going to your date from work you might not have an option, but otherwise, try to make sure you are not sporting a clear cut work dress. A full on evening gown on a first date is only proper you’re attending a soiree or some other festivity, so keep that only for those very rare and special occasions. But other than that, a good old fashion, one color or multicolored dressed, with just the right amount of cleavage (not much!) and not much lateral, or otherwise, crack, will do.

3. Sport outfits.

If you’re planning a date at the local pub, or even plan to go for an extended jog for a first date, then a sports outfit should be just right. The only thing to look for, if you’re wearing a full on sweater and jog pants (don’t wear yoga pants) is that they’re matched in color or design, are a set. You don’t want to look as if you’re dressed in the clothes you clean your floors with, so try to choose a new or freshly washed outfit. Wear natural make up and no jewelry, unless it’s your watch. Oh, and don’t bring your music listening device either, or if you can’t help it, keep it away. You want to talk and hear what your date has to say.

So, overall, consider the date carefully, where you’re going, at what time. All options are valid, as long as they are not too revealing, out of place and time or out of control! You want to sport makeup that is appropriate for the clothes, context and time of day, while allowing your date to see at least some of your natural features, so don’t overdo it. Other than that, and most importantly, wear something you’re comfortable with, so you can forget the clothes and just mind your date while feeling great and energized.

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