Speed dating – 5 things to look for

Speed dating can be a fun way to meet girls and boys whom you might like, but like dating in general, it’s a number game, plus it has a clock attached to it. So, in order to make the most of it your speed dating we collated a few tips for you, to get you through the experience and have a jolly good time. The particularities of this form of dating are where we emphasized and brought our attention the most, with the idea of finding out as much as possible about your date under a very short period of say, 3 to 5 minutes. So, read this to be prepared for your next speed dating binge!

1. Relax! People, whether they admit it or not, when under the pressure of the clock will tense up, cringe and that affects them, both physically as well as emotionally. Given that you only have such a limited time to impress, you’ll want to be in a disposition that everyone will find ok. And relaxation will make you more alert actually, more capable of discerning all sort of details that would have otherwise escaped you or even more prone to remember that appropriate joke, to get back to your speed banter.

2. Don’t get fixed on checking the other person out physically: Let’s put it this way, when you’ll find someone that looks nice and is appealing to you, you’ll know it. You don’t need to draw a mental map of their proportions or check cleavage or something else. Sure, you don’t have to look them in the eyes all the time, that might even be intimidating or be considered a bit too intense for a speed date. Also, don’t let your eyes wonder around the room either, be there for your date, even though you’ve already decided they’re not for you.

3. Be extra nice to everyone you’re speed dating! This is extra important because many men and women choose to speed date with friends. This makes it less challenging for them and takes the edge off. So, by no means throw snide remarks or make any conversations that may be rude. You never know who’s friend you might be offending. Might be your next date’s friend for all you know, and you’d be making a reputable hell of an enemy!

4. Should I have a list of questions prepared? If you know yourself to a less of “on the spot” guy or girl, do think of some questions to ask, but don’t make it a laundry list either. And be ready to let the conversation flow naturally. You can bet he or she has already been asked where they’re from and what their job is a few times, so rather avoid these questions. You don’t have to impress with the questions either, just try to listen as much as you talk as well. And, a moment of silence can still find it’s place within a conversation, but don’t let it extend too long either.

5. Touching or no touching? Well, the best idea would be to keep your hands to yourself. There’s really not a good idea to try to get physical, not even lightly, just because the other person was smiling at you tentatively. She might just be nice or just a little too excited about her previous date! There will be plenty of time for that kind of thing if both dates will want to go on a second date, but if that’s not the case, don’t creep your 3 minute date out.

One more note before you exit and pick your dates you’d like to see next: generally, speed dating venues will see lots of people attend and you’ll receive a card to make your notes on, on whom you’d like to see next. If both couples agree to it, then a phone number or some other form of contact will be give to you, to extend the invitation for a regular date.

A god rule of thumb is to pick out the dates that you’ve felt good with, have felt a connection with. However, do not pick a massive number of dates. You never know who sees these cards and where this information can end up, so you might end up creeping out a potential date, or sending out a wrong vibe about you. Greed towards relationships and too much of an eagerness will not do you any good. Remember it’s not a free market, it’s a bunch of people looking for someone they would like to share something with.

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