Top 5 offline places for geeks to find dates

It’s been a while since geeks are no longer outsiders, but the world has evolved and technology is at the heart of everything these days. However, even if being knowledgeable in pop culture and in technical niches is no longer such a put off, most geeks still find it hard finding dates outside their online protective cocoon.

So, we thought we’ll look around and find out a few great offline places where the slightly unsocial would increase their chances of finding a date. Girls or boys, these places are a haven for like-minded people just like you. So, just stave off the shyness and go out there and find a date just like you.

1. Conventions.

One of the best places where geeks will flood the gates are the conventions. Comic-Con for instance has quite a few events scattered throughout the year and will bring forth whole lot of people with an interest in Sci-Fi and fantasy as well as other popular genres in many different formats. You don’t have to go the biggest conventions, especially if they are not in your vicinity. Just make sure you don’t miss the local, smaller ones. There are regular conventions dedicated to horror movies and to other media as well, sometimes organized in coffee shops and other ad-hoc places. So what you have to do is pay attention to your local scene and try to attend. Make sure you go there with friends and see what’s going on. You’re bound to find people who are interested in more than just the exhibits, but they’ll sure make a good conversation breaker none the less.

2. Concerts.

Yep, music might not be the single most important thing that you want to have in common with someone you might end up dating, but, nevertheless, the setting can be the perfect ice breaker. Outdoor concerts are the best because they allow you a bit more freedom to move, getting to go and say hi to someone you’ve just spotted, while making it seem more natural. The caveat/advantage is the loudness, caveat if you’re not looking to get too close to someone when you’re speaking to them and advantage because, well, you’ll have to get close. That way a connection is bound to get going faster, though again, try not to invade someone’s personal space without making sure they’re game for it.

3. Coffee houses.

I bet you’ve made fun of those extremist vinyl player at-the-ready hipsters to be found in coffee houses, who, while listening to whatever vintage record, are also typing on their laptops. Yeah, maybe you don’t want to take that approach, but making yourself available in a public place that seems to attract nerdy people will give you too a chance to be spotted or to spot someone. And guess what, checking out if that record player needle is diamond tipped can be just as good an ice breaker. Ok, forget about the vinyl player, but you get the idea, a coffee house is a place where you can find nerds and hipstery people and that’s a chance to take.

4. Hobby/Special Interest/Support groups.

While I wanted to keep this entirely offline, this will require some non-website pre-work, though. Being the geek you are, you probably get the lack of real world effect that some of Facebook’s campaigns actually have, but you know what – these can be great ways to meet people like you. Some of these online support groups will meet, occasionally, and there you can find nice people who care for the world. Yes, maybe this time be a bit of an impostor, while actually just looking to find someone you might like. And you’ll get brownie points for appearing to care at the same time!

5. College/University courses.

Couples that have met while in school, especially during their university courses tend to last the longest, it seems, and that’s mainly attributable to having common interests but also because you get to bond over hating the same teachers and to go through exams together. It’s just like war, being brothers-in-arms. Well, except the flying bullets and all, but you get the idea. So, even if you finished university, taking a course somewhere in your area, in a subject that will actually interest you and which will further your education can also land you a cool opportunity to date. That way you can bring together two geek favorites, learning and specializing while looking out for that boy or girl to share all that know-how with.

So, take it upon you to leave the house/mad scientist laboratory for a while and get yourself exposed. There are others who will do that just like you and who would like to meet you as well. Remember, be positive about it, as your potential date might be just around the corner.

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