Internet dating tips if you can’t spend too much time online

The main advantage of internet dating is in the faster way to screen your dates, in knowing more about the background of your potential candidates for dating, and if you play your cards right, in making dating an alternative for those with very limited time on their hands. However, given the countless option available online, the many sites and the many different angles on the online dating game, you can end up spending as much time in front of your PC as you would otherwise spend on actual dates.

That can affect your productivity and/or your ability to take care of other more pressing matters. So, with the following tips we aim at showing you the way to reduce your time online and to get to meet fewer but more relevant dates. First off, let’s see how you can better choose your dating site.

  1. Choosing your dating site: It’s no secret that much of our day to day activities have been transferred, little by little, online. We use online mailing services, we use social media websites, gamers may have their own proffered online gaming communities, we might have blogs that we go over regularly, banking can be done online, shopping, the list can go on indefinitely. Therefore, to accommodate a host of dating sites in our already busy lives might pose some issues.

    So, the best way to go around is to find the best website for your type of personality and interests. How to do it? Ask yourself the following questions: Which dating website is frequented by people that I might be interested in? Answer this honestly and think about it. Different age group will find that certain websites attract people of that particular age group more. Also, your interests can also play an important role; from computer freaks to people interested in outdoor experiences there’s a dedicated internet platform for everyone.

  2. Create as good a profile as you can: Don’t waste your time by creating a poor profile. Take the time at the beginning to offer as much info about yourself as you are comfortable sharing and you will get more prospects. Also, don’t belittle yourself but also don’t be overreaching, try to put yourself in the shoes of your potential partner. What would they like to know about you? What would instantly turn them off to you?

    Try to avoid overtly sexual information of yourself. Also, pick good quality photos to upload. Man or woman, with a body to crave for or not, you should be decent. The best poses for a set of internet dating site profile pictures will present you in an informal situation, necessarily with clothes on and within a nice setting. Try avoiding posting pictures of you in social situations, surrounded by lots of other people. Also, don’t post older pictures of yourself.

  3. Check your prospects carefully but be realistic about the selection process: There are other ways to learn more about a person outside their profile. Most dating sites will allow you to ask another user you’re interested in a question, or ask them for a date. Alternatively, others can do the same. You don’t have to go on a date with everyone that asks you out, so before you make your picks, try to engage them in online mediated conversations, and even try finding out more about them on Facebook or via Google. Remember, online mediated dating is a game of numbers, so expect that most of your prospects won’t meet your criteria.

    On the other hand, make sure that your criteria for selecting someone you might be looking to meet aren’t overblown. Remember you’re working on meeting a real person, so don’t go out of your way to nitpick. Also, expect that some people won’t put as much effort into their profiles, so try to think it through in a global like fashion. Just because someone has made a spelling mistake on their profile doesn’t mean that they must be intellectually challenges. Sometimes a mistake is just a mistake.

  4. You don’t have to date someone in a conventional setting: A dinner and a movie type date doesn’t have to be the only setting for a first date. If you work late or have other commitments, don’t forget about the early hours of the morning either, or alternatively, the later than usual hours. Truth be told, don’t ask someone to meet you at an intersection at 4 in the morning either, but more unconventional dates can also be fun if you can get your date to agree on the setting.

Overall, you can find a cool date and possibly a long term relationship online even if you can’t our lots of time into it. In a way that’s the beauty of online dating, it allows you to set up your profile and then go back to it in your own time. You can always find a 5 minute break to leave a message to someone or to check out a couple of pictures and, as mentioned, a day has 24 hours – you can see someone during (almost!) the entire interval.

At any rate, remember this: build up an honest and interesting profile and screen your dating candidates carefully (read our Men’s Online Dating Tips or Women’s Online Dating Tips) and try to strike up an online conversation with them. Also, don’t be too anal or critical about whom you date or about someone’s profile. And, as always, remember that you can always walk out of a date that is clearly not going anywhere and mind your other business instead!

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