Conversation subjects to avoid on a first date

Conversation subjects to avoid on a first date

Any first date can be nerve wrecking, at least until you get to sit down with your partner and get to experience that guy or girl’s personality. At which point, another caveat can take center stage: what should I be talking about, that’s appropriate and still meaningful? Does it even need to be meaningful? Ok, take a breath of air, and let’s look at a few of the conversational deal breakers for any first date.

1. Who should start the conversation, the boy or the girl? Well, if it came to you thinking this exact thing, and no one’s making the first step, you, whoever you are, should take the initiative. Don’t think too hard, just don’t let some crazy stupid thought come out of your mouth. Anything is better than a prolonged radio silence, so why not talk about the weather, eh, plain, stupid, boring but palatable, until you get it going. Just as a pointer, make sure you feel relaxed and don’t think too much about it. But, if you and your date are both naturally communicative, anything from a polite remark on your date’s outfit (she did put some effort into it, after all) or a good hi, with a reference to why you were late (don’t be late!) should do. Now that you’ve settled down and can actually communicate, let’s see what should be on the menu. (Just a quick remark, don’t get your phone out of your pocket and onto the table, and by no means don’t start checking your Facebook updates right in front of her/him). read more

Internet dating tips if you can’t spend too much time online

The main advantage of internet dating is in the faster way to screen your dates, in knowing more about the background of your potential candidates for dating, and if you play your cards right, in making dating an alternative for those with very limited time on their hands. However, given the countless option available online, the many sites and the many different angles on the online dating game, you can end up spending as much time in front of your PC as you would otherwise spend on actual dates. read more

Dating after divorce for women with kids: How Do You Make Yourself A Wanted Woman?

Your marriage ended and now you’re a woman looking to date. Maybe a few months have passed since your divorce went through, maybe more time, it matters little. You may be sharing the custody of your children but live separately. However, you have your children and you love them and your main priority, whether you admit it or not is them and their well being.

That’s natural and quite frankly, the norm rather than the exception. Not only in the US but also worldwide married couples choose to live separately while sharing the responsibilities of raising their children. In many ways that’s the better thing to do rather than live in a marriage that doesn’t bring you the happiness or the satisfaction you want. read more

Dating after divorce: 10 ways to-know you’re ready to date after a divorce

Getting back to dating after a divorce has its share of complications, some of them having to do mostly with your mind state, which require that you have a serious introspection, others that have to do with the particularities and trappings of dating. Certainly men and women have it differently, both because of the general perception attributed to the role of each sex but at the same time due to the increasingly smaller “playing field”. It’s true that divorces are more common now for couples in their 30’s or even late 20;s but, for the most part the “divorced but looking for somebody” playing field is mainly occupied by 40’s and up.
At any rate, we are going to take a look at 10 best advice to look into if you’re trying to make sense of your dating life after divorce, and also at a set of questions to let you know when you’re ready to start looking for somebody. read more