Christian Dating Tips For Guys And Girls

Guys and girls in their early 20’s who have a very strict religious upbringing as Christians can have it harder than most others when it comes to first dates. It’s because many of them have been sheltered, might not have had the chance to be as outgoing or as social compared to other less religiously brought up teens. Nevertheless, it doesn’t mean that finding a great guy or girl is out of the cards, it just means that you have to play your cards a little differently. So, here’s a few tips for you when you want to date, tips which will work great both for Christian girls as well as for Christian guys.

1. Do use online dating services. You might not know it but there are quite a few dating websites dedicated to Christians out there. So here are a few you might want to consider, all very well seen by Christian communities and offering a well screened array of users:

a. website with a mostly American following, probably with the largest user base around.
b. the platform most used by the British Christians, also with an impressive number of users.
c. another great dating platform, with a younger user base than most other Christian websites.

2. Don’t avoid the more general purpose websites either. Websites such as, Zoosk, eHarmony, as well as OkCupid and can be just as great for meeting potential dates. And, best of all, all of these top platforms allow you to pick and choose your dates based on their stated religious beliefs.

3. Also consider your region based dating platforms. Most of the larger dating platforms will amass users from very different parts of the world. However, there are lots of them that offer their date mediation services locally and for Christina audiences only. Simply fire up Google with a “region+Christian dating” query and see which websites appear to be more prominent and more serious.

Should I date someone who isn’t a Christian?

Everyone has their own belief system and their own reasons for wanting to date a Christian partner, but you may want to inquire outside of your religion as well. Let’s be honest for a bit here, a guy or girl can be just as good a human being whether they’ve been brought up as strict Christians or not.
Yes, maybe your family insists that you date a Christian guy or girl, or maybe there are pressures from within your group of friends to date within your religion, etc. Bottom line is, you can argue pro or against it, but, ultimately you can find just as great a guy or girl that does or doesn’t belong to your religion.
Of course, religion can be an important factor to take into consideration, but don’t forget that other factors can be just as important. We all make choices based on personal preference, background, and we all look for that special chemistry with someone. If anything, what you should be opened to is that finding that special someone can happen outside of your religion as well. Sure, you are in your 20s and might not have much life experience, but don’t think that a good match is easy to find. So, if you happen to find someone outside of your religion that you really are fond of, don’t dismiss them for purely religious reasons.

How intimate should a first date be?

You may have been taught that non Christians are all over each other during their first date, and maybe, especially if you’re a girl, think that there is some danger of being expected to do something outside your comfort zone. Here’s the deal, you are not expected to do anything other than show up and have a good time during your first date. Christian or not, your first date is about getting to know your date, having a light conversation and something good to eat. Don’t forget that you can always come with someone you trust to a date if you are unsure about the person you’re meeting.

How do I know if I met someone special/ that’s worth meeting again?

That’s mainly a question of personal preference. And, while some would call it the work of the Holy Spirit and others a question of personal chemistry, what it all comes down to is finding a person you can relate to, that is attractive to you both physically and spiritually/mentally. Therefore, it is safe to assume that, Christian or not, you will know if they are worth the trouble or not. And if it’s the later, don’t worry too much. Christian or not, dating is a game of chance and of numbers. You can always go on another date with someone else that can prove to be a better match for you.

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