Dating after divorce for men and women over 50: Is this a new golden age for mid-life dating?

In many ways dating for a divorcee, man or woman after they’ve reached their 50th birthday can be easier and even more fulfilling than for the younger generations. If you’ve ever had children they should by now be in their late teens of even 20s, beginning their life, but most certainly no longer needing your constant attention. Thus the quandary of whether or not you’re going to be rejected by a date because of having children will have become almost a moot point. Also, much of the pretentions that come with dating in your youth years can be easily set aside and so, you’re going to get to know the person you’re dating faster and not have to second guess yourself as much.

What you have to do however, is make sure you don’t get caught in the many false pretenses and also self delusions that can accompany dating that this age. On one hand you’re going to have your immediate family and even friends still engaged in their life long relationships and also have the society, in some places more so than in others, painting a less desirable and sometimes even openly negative image about dating for you. Don’t let that stop you, while your friends and family might come to think and even expect that you should live your life alone and be happy with it, not only that you have to settle for that, but you should by no means even consider it an option.

First of all, let’s dispel some myths, so that we can continue unimpeded by them:

1. 50 is not an old age, not for men, not for women either: Yes, you might not be in your prime but certainly, if you take care of yourself, work out, keep yourself intellectually stimulated, the quality of your life will be as good as in your 30s and 40s.

2. There are lots of 50 year olds looking for relationships: You may have been told that your age group is no longer out there, looking for relationships that by now most you’re your “kin” will have settled. That’s false, there are lots of people in the age category looking for a meaningful relationship and also many younger men and women who look forward to being in relationships with more mature people like you.

3. In your 50s you can only expect relationships of friendship: Again, this is false, both for women and men alike. Yes, given that by this age you might no longer tread in the kind of youthful pretentions, it is easier to develop a stronger friendship with another person, but the physical aspects of a relationship can and do play just as an important role. So be sure that you can find someone out there to live the love story of your lifetime, it’s definitely in the cards.

4. You’re too old to use modern dating services: Here’s a fact, a very good chunk of the business of dating platforms is sustained by over 40s and older. Yes, the internet might have once been the interaction tool preferred by the young and technology savvy but not anymore. The online dating services have become much easier to use and see a lot of business from people your age as well, so don’t even consider not using these online services.

5. You should date in your age group: Whom you date has always been and will always be your business and the business of your dating partner, so men and women alike, dating younger people is ok. The only downfall is not to get caught in a fantasy web. Yes, we all want a partner that is in shape and looks the part, and, while that can be in the cards as well, don’t turn your back on your age group or somewhere in and around it. Just remember that while you don’t have to date younger guys or girls, you can do it and it’s normal as long as it’s mutual and honest.

Dating for over 50s is thus in the cards, and is increasingly being considered more ok by the society. In fact the relative age of Earth’s population has increased, and while that is not a statistic to be happy about, it is nevertheless a fact. In many ways this is the era of the mature individuals, so be happy to be part of it.

The internet will allow you to find dating partners more easily than ever and the technology has advanced so that it is no longer a daunting task. You can set up a profile on any of the more prestigious dating sites in a matter of minutes with the minimum of help, if any, and become part of an increasing number of people that connect with potential partners from the comfort of their own homes.

Thus, don’t feel marginalized and by no means, don’t give up. You can find people just like you or younger who want to share a deeply meaningful relationship, intellectual as well as physical, so there’s no reason for you to just sit the party out. Going on blind dates can also prove just as an enticing premise and it is increasingly popular for the 50s and plus. You’re divorced, and maybe you think that it will be held against you: think again – you have had a relationship and will have learned some valuable lessons from there, and thus, you can be a partner to someone who won’t make the same mistakes again.

You have loads of advantages over the younger generation, so know that that is treasured. Other than that, your age becomes irrelevant when you’ve finally met someone who makes you happy, so get out there, join the dating sites and go on that blind date you’ve been pondering over. A positive attitude at any age is what is important.

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