5 Types of Online Dating Profile Mistakes Most Women Make

Women are generally the ones chased after when it comes to the online dating game, and this leaves some of them thinking that anything goes when setting their profiles up. Indeed some men will still want to go on a date with such women, no matter what. But, what happens is, the pool of interested men will become smaller, and thus, you’ll lessen your chances of finding the right guy for you. And, without any prejudice, even thoughtful women sometimes make these mistakes, out of ignorance or lack of an education regarding the medium itself. So, if you want to attract the right partner and not get red-flagged try to think about the following mistakes most online female profiles will display.

1. Boob fest galore!

I’d be such a liar, being male and heterosexual, to say that I don’t like seeing some generous portions of your lady bits, displayed shamelessly on a public or semi-public network! But think it through a bit, isn’t worth a good tease more than letting it all hang in unnaturally sensual positions? Don’t you want me in a mindset where I can focus on some of your character traits as well? Besides, let me let you in into a little secret: these Playboy models you’re trying to emulate work out regularly, are on a strict diet and are photographed by professional photographer under strictly controlled lighting conditions. That’s why you should rather go for a good mug shot, where you show me your pretty face, unencumbered by tons of makeup and without those lips hanging out like a duckling gasping for air. And for a glimpse of your figure, a picture taken in a decent context, out with your friends, in a nice background should do it just fine.

2. “Looking for friendship” profile.

There are special platforms for friend hunting, darling, so use those. Also, if you’re telling me you’ve gone to all this trouble just because a friend dared you, than you might be just a little too gullible. In either case, let’s all be mature here, admitting that you’re looking for a date is ok. That’s why you’re on the platform, that’s why I’m here, so don’t waste my time and pose like the one who’s outside the system. It’s annoying and definitely off-putting.

3. Being too generous in describing your traits.

Ok, you have a very good opinion about yourself, you’re the girl all men dream to meet, no scrape that, you’re God’s gift to men. And you’re not shy on sharing how you see yourself. But what you do is get me think you’re arrogant, the kind that always thinks they’re right, the kind that always wants to be praised and held in the highest regard no matter what you do or say. So, rather, strike a good balance of info about yourself, where you’re not coming across like the perfect storm of arrogance and self adulation. On the other hand, you might be at the opposite pole of the scale, too unsecure, too eager to please or too eager to share some personal details that should be left for later on, when I’ll have known you for a while.

4. The job interview profile.

Ok, if I was looking to date you, now your conditions and clear specifications about whom I should be and how I should look and what I should say and what I should eat and animals I should love have sent me browsing on greener planes. You know what I’m talking about, the profiles that rather than talking about their user, talk about a man who I’m not even sure exists. I bet even George Clooney or Jesus wouldn’t fit these conditions, so I think that until interplanetary dating profiles get set up, you’re going to have some trouble finding someone. Good luck though. There’s a simple cure to this one: Talk about yourself, trying to follow the few rules of thumb described a paragraph above and you should be okay. Be brief and specific, and if you have a sense of humor make use of it, though lightly. Even us men hate racial jokes or the like.

5. The crazy lady profile.

One of the mistakes in setting up a profile that girls make, is elatedly talking about their lives with adjective descriptors that lie in the same semantic region of crazy! Crazy friends, crazy job, crazy life, crazy last boyfriend (by the way, don’t ever tell me about no ex of yours, ever!). Half of it might be a fuzzy, bubbling spirit of youth, which might be cute, but if you’re 18 years+, and you should be on a dating site, you’re no longer to use this type of talk. It takes 10 minutes to talk about yourself, so do it properly, without going over yourself in amazement.

So, ladies, as long as you keep your pictures decent and as long as you can string a few non crazy, non job interview like, without feeling like you’re describing a goddess or a manic depressive nut case, you should be alright. Also, just so you know, if you like my profile, I won’t mind getting a line from you, spelled in proper grammar, without IRC abbreviations, if you could. You see, us men are not that hard to please, so just avoid the extremes and be honest and decent.

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