5 Types of Online Dating Profile Mistake Most Men Make

It’s no wonder that there are ghost writers who get paid big money to serve men and women profiles for their online dating needs. Most men can screw their chances of ever finding a nice date, not because they are so undesirable, but simply because they make a few basic mistakes that are simply instant buzz kills. So, in the following lines we wil try to point you to the 5 most common mistakes and try to show you how to avert making them. It’s not hard to get a great profile going, but it sure requires you do a basic check of these 5 pointers.

1. Profile photo mistakes.

You may be a guy that trains intensely and has a body worth showing, but if that’s the first glimpse a woman sees of you, she’ll think you’re all muscles and no brain. And the fact that you feel that your body looks good has nothing to do with the way you look in a picture on a website. Consider this, professional bodybuilders need the correct lighting, the correct type of sun tan plus oil based body lotions to look the way they do. So don’t think that you’re offering an appetizing glimpse of your physique, you’re more probably looking like a wax model of yourself in an industrial freezer, with the red eye of death staring at your potential one with a stupid grin of excitement on the mug. It’s not sexy, it’s mortifying! Rather go for a casual outfit, making sure you are in a good light – no harsh shadows, no 10 cm to the face flashes. Rather pick a picture a friend took of you when you were not preparing to be Prince Charming in which you look naturally good.

2. The word “sex”.

While daring females looking for men might get away with it, a man that uses the word sex in a dating profile, for whoever reason at all, to state whatever sentence is an instant creep. No need to spell the obvious, my friend, take it easy, that girl isn’t going to risk talking with you now or ever, you’ve just given too deep an access pass into your shallow mind! So, without further ado, no such thing as sex on the copy of your online profile, it’s insta-kill for 99.(9) percent of the ladies.

3. Mentioning types of women you don’t like.

There are online dating websites that allow you to list publicly visible “Not interested in” or “Don’t contact me if” followed by a list of traits you don’t find attractive in women. Here’s the deal, keep this list unpopulated, not because you decided to go for everyone or anyone but because you’re going to put off some girls who will check this list out. Especially if you populated the list with physical traits you look to find in women. If you want to add this list, keep it as personality traits only, and as little as possible. And don’t add generic non interests, like “boring, unsociable, talks too little, talks too much”, go for the higher specific traits, such as “irresponsible, racial hatred prone” and the like. But, again, rather than associate yourself with any sort of negativity, even if projected, better avoid these types of listings entirely.

4. Too deep or too generic personal info sharing.

Remember what the deal of the online dating game is: you’re meeting someone for the first time. They want to hear nothing of your deepest secret, depression or stupid bro stories. They also don’t want to feel like they’re reading the robot portrait applicable to 99 percent of the male population. So be specific about yourself, with a calculated sense of humor and a good dose of specificity. While there are no rules, the extremes are thus to be avoided. Yes, you can note if you have some odd (but cool) past time activity, but don’t share the gruesome details of your past year road kill accident or the like. You want your profile to be inviting and fun, with specific positive hints about who you are.

5. Writing too much.

Your dating profile is not a creative writing class, so don’t waste no one’s time with too much material. Rather keep your sentences short and concise and don’t think that you need to cram it all in. Truth is, most women will decide to give your profile a read if they like what they see in your pictures, and only then will skim your profile info for no more than a minute if not less.

So, overall, try to think like a woman, (but not that kind of woman you’d like women to be like!), rather a human being interested to find out a few cool but personal facts about you and see some decent pictures of your mug. Then, if she likes you, she may get to send you a quick message, or rather not get ran by a feeling of extreme aversion when you send her one, yourself. So, keep it simple, honest but fun, and always, fully clothed.

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