How do I dress on my first date? Tips for Girls

You sure don’t want to look lazy, fashion wise, on your first date or send the wrong message with some clothes that are too revealing or too casually bland. You want to look good but going into that can lead to some small disasters, if you’re not paying attention to your clothes. Sure, maybe your date won’t even care that much for your clothes, and even more so, they won’t tell you about it. Maybe, if you click it off, you’ll have something to laugh at, remembering your first date’s disastrous outfit but at any rate, you want to avoid a total fashion disaster just because it’s worth it. And because a good, well chosen outfit will make you feel more comfortable and confident. read more

What should you know about your date by the end of your first date?

Partly to make sure you’re not too intrusive or make use of a too personal set of questions, and partly to evaluate your how your date went, and also to evaluate him or her better, all fuzzy feelings aside, this article is meant to show you what a first date should be about. Some people expect too much, others expect too little, in either case, these expectations can lead to a perceived failure and a terrible date experience, notwithstanding your actual partner. So, let’s look at how to manage your dating life expectations. read more

Internet dating tips if you can’t spend too much time online

The main advantage of internet dating is in the faster way to screen your dates, in knowing more about the background of your potential candidates for dating, and if you play your cards right, in making dating an alternative for those with very limited time on their hands. However, given the countless option available online, the many sites and the many different angles on the online dating game, you can end up spending as much time in front of your PC as you would otherwise spend on actual dates. read more

Dating after divorce for men with kids: How do I make myself a wanted man?

It would seem that amongst divorcees, men with kids face the rather more strenuous challenge of finding someone to date and build a relationship with. It’s a given that women prefer men without children if given the option, however, there are ways to navigate the situation and make the most out of it. Certainly, presenting your situation in a manner that is both honest but sheds a positive light on you is the way to go. So, let’s look at ways to PR yourself and build on top of your “divorced with kids” rather than approach it in a negative manner. read more

Christian Dating Tips For Guys And Girls

Guys and girls in their early 20’s who have a very strict religious upbringing as Christians can have it harder than most others when it comes to first dates. It’s because many of them have been sheltered, might not have had the chance to be as outgoing or as social compared to other less religiously brought up teens. Nevertheless, it doesn’t mean that finding a great guy or girl is out of the cards, it just means that you have to play your cards a little differently. So, here’s a few tips for you when you want to date, tips which will work great both for Christian girls as well as for Christian guys. read more

Dating after divorce for women with kids: How Do You Make Yourself A Wanted Woman?

Your marriage ended and now you’re a woman looking to date. Maybe a few months have passed since your divorce went through, maybe more time, it matters little. You may be sharing the custody of your children but live separately. However, you have your children and you love them and your main priority, whether you admit it or not is them and their well being.

That’s natural and quite frankly, the norm rather than the exception. Not only in the US but also worldwide married couples choose to live separately while sharing the responsibilities of raising their children. In many ways that’s the better thing to do rather than live in a marriage that doesn’t bring you the happiness or the satisfaction you want. read more

Dating after divorce for men and women over 50: Is this a new golden age for mid-life dating?

In many ways dating for a divorcee, man or woman after they’ve reached their 50th birthday can be easier and even more fulfilling than for the younger generations. If you’ve ever had children they should by now be in their late teens of even 20s, beginning their life, but most certainly no longer needing your constant attention. Thus the quandary of whether or not you’re going to be rejected by a date because of having children will have become almost a moot point. Also, much of the pretentions that come with dating in your youth years can be easily set aside and so, you’re going to get to know the person you’re dating faster and not have to second guess yourself as much. read more

Dating after divorce: 10 ways to-know you’re ready to date after a divorce

Getting back to dating after a divorce has its share of complications, some of them having to do mostly with your mind state, which require that you have a serious introspection, others that have to do with the particularities and trappings of dating. Certainly men and women have it differently, both because of the general perception attributed to the role of each sex but at the same time due to the increasingly smaller “playing field”. It’s true that divorces are more common now for couples in their 30’s or even late 20;s but, for the most part the “divorced but looking for somebody” playing field is mainly occupied by 40’s and up.
At any rate, we are going to take a look at 10 best advice to look into if you’re trying to make sense of your dating life after divorce, and also at a set of questions to let you know when you’re ready to start looking for somebody. read more

Men’s Online Dating Tips

Ah, online dating! How we love to love and hate you. For some guys, Internet dating sites are the solution to a limited local dating pool. For others, they’re a big lake where you’ll find all those other fish in the sea everyone keeps telling you about. And for some of you guys, they’re just one more place to get rejected. Seriously, dudes, no one has to strike out online. It just takes a little knowledge, a little research and a little skill to find the girl – or the guy, for that matter – you want to be with forever, even if forever only means until the sun comes up in the morning. Need a little help getting started with the online dating scene? Check out these top ten dating tips from guys who have found what they really want online through online dating. read more

10 Online Dating Tips for Women

Not too long ago, online dating sites were seen as a way for losers to find someone to date. After all, what kind of guy or girl can’t find someone to date among their real-life acquaintances? Times have changed, and how. According to the most recent surveys, nearly half of all Internet users – and that includes more than 80% of the country – have dated at least one person they met online, and an increasing number of people are marrying someone they originally met over the Internet. Online dating has become a phenomenon – and a legitimate way to meet someone. read more